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Ujjain: Over 50% ATMs cashless, people struggle with Rs 2000 notes sans change


Ujjain: ATMs in the city once again saw a heavy rush on Monday as they were not refilled over the weekend. In search of cash, people thronged banks which witnessed large crowds till closing hours.

After demonetisation, residents are now facing grave problems as change for the new currency of Rs 2000 is not available easily while notes of Rs 500 and notes of Rs 100 are not being dispensed by ATMs. More than half of the total ATMs in the city are empty as of today

Most businesses reported dull trading in the city. Businesses of kiosk holders at the Kartik Mela have also been affected badly after demonetisation as people continue to offer old currency notes after bargaining.

Petrol pumps refuse old Rs 500 notes

Some petrol pumps have been refusing to accept old currency notes of Rs 500 despite RBI directives asking petrol pumps and CNG filling stations to accept old currency notes of Rs 500 till December 15. Refilling staff at petrol pumps have been forcing customers to accept defunct Rs 500 notes against change of new currency notes of Rs 2000.