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Ujjain: MTMC to adopt transparent system to count donations


Ujjain: A transparent system to count denominations will now be in place at the Mahakaleshwar temple to rectify the recent glitches spotted in the counting procedure of the donations received. This was stated by the Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee (MTMC) on Wednesday. Also,devotees will be allowed to witness live counting at the temple.

A 3-member investigation committee was constituted to probe into disparities in the counting procedure at the Mahakaleshwar Temple. The committee presented its report and came out with a series of recommendations to setup a transparent system of counting the donations. Collector-cum-ex officio, Sanket Bhondve studied the report and directed the MTMC administrator to implement recommendations with immediate effect.

Recommendations at a glance

  • The counting to be done under the vigilance of CCTV cameras and officials to be deputed to watch the recording and receive data.
  • A triangular strip to be installed in the crater of the donations boxes to enable currency to immediately drop inside.
  • Each donation box to be numbered &maintained in the stock register.
  • The jute bag used to carry the donation to be sealed and brought to the counting chamber.
  • Counting chamber to be prepared with fibre glass to make it foldable & portable.
  • The floor to be lifted 1-2 ft above the ground & to be transparent.
  • Sealing of the donation box to bear signature of observer/assistant along with seal, date and time.
  • Staff appointed by the banks to count the donation to be given written order.
  • Sufficient security guards to be ensured at the counting chamber.
  • An announcement to be made in the temple premises to intimate devotees about the commencement of counting of the donation.
  • The devotees to witness the counting standing at a fixed distance.
  • Notices to be pasted on dharamshala reception counters, rooms, special darshan counters, Bhasmaarti booking counter, passes and receipts of the temple, water-hut, railway station, bus stand and the website in forming about the online donations.
  • Hologram to be used to certify the receipts of the donations given manually.
  • Hologram to be fixed in the presence of assistant administrator or assistant.