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Ujjain: MP Chintamani Malviya’s PA Gagan Singh takes possession disputed land amid commotion


Ujjain: Gate number 3 of Pushpa Mission Hospital was razed and possession of 4138 square feet of the land was finally taken by MP Chintamani Malviya’s PA, Dr Gagan Singh on Monday.

Speaking to Free Press Dr Gagan Singh said “there was nothing wrong on my part as the court has passed a judgement in my favour and possession was taken according to the orders of the court.” He also said the plaintiff’s application for stay was cancelled by the court.

Meanwhile, speaking to Free Press Pushpa Mission Hospital’s PRO Father Antony said “water and electricity supply of the hospital were cut off maliciously, the matter is still in the court, and the local court has directed us to file a petition in the higher court.

Dr Gagansingh arbitrarily took over the possession of the land,” he said. Father Antony alleged that some land of the hospital was also encroached upon. The management of the hospital tried to approach police officials but no one responded properly, PRO Antony alleged.