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Ujjain: Mercury dips further as unseasonal rains drench city


Ujjain: Day and night temperatures in the city showed a marked decline as cold waves gripped the city bringing in about 1 mm of unseasonal rain (‘mavtha’), on Tuesday.

This has been attributed to the north-eastern winds from the mountains and consequent snowfall in the north. The weather remained cloudy in the city and the city experienced a drizzle on Tuesday evening. Night temperatures dropped to 9 degrees Celsius.

The Ockhi cyclone which entered Maharashtra and Gujarat has been one of the reasons for the drop in temperatures. The speed of the winds recorded as 6 kilometre per hour. Meanwhile, the State Meteorological Department has stated that it would be mildly sunny today with light rains in several parts of Ujjain division. Chilly weather is most likely to continue during the next 24 hours.

Fog causes train delays

Trains passing through Ujjain were affected due to fog, and the Malwa express was delayed by 3 hours. The Muzzaffarpur Express, Avantika Express and Pune-Indore Express were delayed by 2.5 hours, Patna Express by 1.5 hours, Bhagat ki Kothi and Intercity Bhopal Express by half an hour.