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Ujjain: Kshipra pollution ‘baffles’ leaders as investment in Kahn diversion project goes down the drain


Ujjain: Despite investing Rs 98 crore on ‘Kahn Diversion Project’ to stop pollution of Kshipra river it continues to remain dirty, as industrial waste from Dewas add to its degradation.

Energy minister Paras Jain, who along with MLA Mohan Yadav and engineer-in-chief of water resources department (WRD) (Bhopal), CS Yadav, visited the project site at Raghopiplya, made these observations, here on Thursday. The project was launched by the WRD under the Simhastha Fair-2016 preparations, and a 16 km long pipe line was laid to divert the dirty water of the river Kahn, from Raghopiplya and KD Palace, where the diverted water was to be released again into the Kshipra.

On inspecting Raghopiplya site, the prominent peoples’ representatives found that the dirty water from the Kahn continued to flow above and below the stop dam constructed at Raghopiplya, directly mixing with the waters of the Kshipra. They were also surprised that the dirty and black water of industrial units in Dewas continued to mix with the Kshipra and flowed up to Ujjain. The minister said “one cannot accept such a grim situation prevailing in the Kshipra. The WRD and Pollution Control Board should ensure that the waters of Kshipra should remain pure.”