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Ujjain: Discrepancies, lack of cleanliness annoy div commissioner


Ujjain: Divisional commissioner MB Ojha, who arrived at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhavan headquarters of Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC) for annual inspection on Tuesday morning, expressed his annoyance over cleanliness arrangements.

On inspecting the audit department where he checked the receipts, he pointed out a major discrepancy in which the amount written. He asked them to apply for e-receipts and stop papered receipts. Discrepancies to the tune of over Rs 40 lakh was found at Gwalior. The department was so dirty and unkempt, that he wondered how this city would top the cleanliness list. The officers also reprimanded a female officer and took a review of MOS software and a feedback for the Colony cell.

The cabin of additional commissioner Ravindra Jain too had moisture laden walls. After reaching electricity department Ojha asked deputy-commissioner RP Shrivastava about the number of poles existing in the city to which Jain replied as 44,000. Ohja wryly remarked that he too had worked as a municipal commissioner and could confidently say that these many poles did not exist. On his arrival commissioner Dr Vijay Kumar J presented him a bouquet.

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