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Ujjain: Congress Sevadal chief faces awkward situation over ‘SC/ST Act’


All India Congress Sevadal (AICS) chief Lalji Desai felt uncomfortable here on Thursday when some media persons raised questions with regard to the Congress’ stand on reservation and enforcement of amended SC/ST (Prevention) Act. Desai was here to participate in the district-level organisation meeting at Rajiv Bhavan, Ksheer Sagar. During the press conference when he tried to advocate supremacy of the Constitution, he was asked by which provision the Supreme Court was established and why his party was backing amendment in the SC/ST Act when the apex court gave some relief in the provisions of the previous Act.


“We firmly believe in social, gender and economic equality and reservation should be given on these grounds only,” Desai said adding that the Congress treats the Constitution as a pious religious book. Desai further said that the AICS was transforming from its basic format though there will be no change in its principles and values. “From now onwards, we won’t give salute or guard of honour which we used to give during the Congress’s rallies and programmes.


We have activated our youth wing while imposing new and modern dress code. We would reply on the RSS’s pro-nationalism practices by our love for nation campaign. We would also function like a full-fledged political organisation and take a responsibility to ensure party wins on 30 tough seats in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections,” said he.