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Ujjain: ‘Chandramauleshwar’ sawari passes by city, devotees demand more than a glimpse


Ujjain: The ‘sawari’of Lord Mahakal, on the second Monday of the month of Shravan was held with the deity wearing the ‘Chandramauleshwar’ look accompanied by Mann-Mahesh seated on an elephant.

Devotees who had arrived in large numbers from all over the country thronged to have a glimpse of the Lord seated in the palanquin. All routes covered by the ‘sawari’ were packed with crowds which has increased manifold over the years. Such huge crowds are normally seen during the ‘shahi sawari’, posing a huge challenge to the police in terms of security. However, the police had made strict and elaborate arrangements throughout the route of the ‘sawari’ with stoppers, to the restrict crowds from coming close to the palanquin. The police also completely blocked narrow alleys to tackle the huge crowd.

The ‘sawari’ began with a traditional pooja of the Lord in the temple premises in presence of the administration including Makhan Singh, divisional commissioner MB Ojha, ADGP V Madhukumar, collector Sanket Bhondve and SP MS Verma. It started its journey after armed police forces gave it a guard of honour outside the temple.

After following the traditional route, it reached Ramghat, where thousands of devotees had already gathered in anticipation. As per tradition, only priests and VIPs are allowed to be present at the platform where the pooja is performed, but workers affiliated with various political parties made their way to the platform making the arrangements look chaotic. Barricades at Ramghat annoyed social workers who were restricted along with the common public. To add to the chaos, an uncontrolled horse in the convoy of seven went berserk threatening the safety of thousands of devotees.

From Ramghat, the ‘sawari’ halted at Gopal Mandir where a traditional pooja and aarti were performed priest on behalf of the Scindia family. It reached the Mahakaleshwar temple after passing Patni bazar and Gudri square. Many prominent individuals attended the ‘sawari’ including parents and wife of Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan.