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Ujjain: Beacon culture to end, social activist Bakirali’s effort bears fruit


Ujjain: The city’s social activist Bakirali Ranwala’s 20-year-old effort demanding a total ban on the use of red and yellow beacons by administrative officers and ministers has finally borne fruit. Come May 1st, this facility will now be the privilege of only the President, Vice President, the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Chief Justice of India as per the orders issued by the Prime Minister.

President of Manthan Parmarthik group, Bakirali had filed a petition at Jabalpur High Court in 1994 citing the illegal use of these facilities. During the hearing of his petition at the Jabalpur High Court in 1994, he had presented the example of a murder that took place in Mumbai, when a red-beaconed car of the then Mumbai mayor was used by the accused. In later years, he continuously fought for the cause and filed a public interest litigation (PIL) before the Indore bench.