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Ujjain: Artists lend colours to Kalidas’ finest poems


Ujjain: Kalidas Academy is conducting an art camp to preserve traditional art and sculpture of India. Renowned artists from all over the country are putting the famous works of Kalidas in to their imagination and creating fine pieces of paintings in different styles.

Three artists from Himachal Pradesh are depicting the verses of ‘Meghdoot’ into miniature paintings. Padmashree award winner Vijay Sharma uses Basoli Pahari style in his works, which is done mostly in miniature forms. Artists Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Anshu Mohan are also interpreting ‘Meghdoot’ in Kangda and Guler styles of miniature painting, respectively. Nathu Garchar, painting and sand artist from Porbandar, Gujarat is putting his imaginations on canvas depicting the famous poem of Kalidas ‘Kumarsambhavam’. The portion of poem which illustrates the wedding procession of lord Shiva and Parvati getting ready as Baraat approaches is being depicted by Garchar in Ajanta Style line painting.

Sculpture artists from Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Rajasthan are carving six Cantos of Kalidas’ poem ‘Ritusamhara’ in distinctive styles indigenous to their State. Ashok Kumar Behra from Odisha is making sculpture of Sharat Ritu section of the poem in the Odissi style of carving, which is also seen in the famous Konark temple. Sculpture of Kartikaya, lord Shiva, Shiv-Parvati, Basant Ritu and Grishma Ritu are being made by the artists.