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Ujjain: Another day of dry banks, drier ATMs, higher trouble


Ujjain: ATMs and banks in the city continued to be cash strapped yet again on Tuesday and long queues persisted. Out of 170 ATMs, 100 were not in a working condition, as a result of which people rushed to banks. Some of the ATMs were out of order due to link failure.

After the ban on high value notes, the situation in banks has taken a turn for the worse. Non-acceptability of debit cards by the ATMs has also been reported by some customers.

Lead Bank manger, Rajendra Tiwari speaking to Free Press agreed that the supply of currency notes has balanced with the needs of customers, particularly now, a peak marriage season. He, however, asserted that supply will soon improve.

He further said that it has been reported that some depositors have been hesitating to deposit their cash into bank accounts in view of the current limit on cash withdrawals. The apex bank, he said, now allowed withdrawals of deposits made in current legal tender notes on or after November 29, beyond the current limits. High value bank notes of RS 2000 and Rs 500 will be dispensed for such withdrawals.