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Ujjain: 10 years on first ever indoor stadium remains incomplete


Ujjain: May this year is the fresh deadline announced for the completion of the first ever indoor stadium of Ujjain. Ujjain Municipal Corporation had granted permission for the construction of a multipurpose 20,000 square feet indoor stadium at Kshirsagar sports arena 10 years ago.

The plan was to develop the stadium to host national level competitions of basketball, wrestling, kabaddi, boxing, malkhamb and other indoor sports, but 10 years on, the plan still remains incomplete like some other projects of UMC. In February, UMC had released tenders after 10 years to finish the roofing of the stadium and complete the lawn tennis centre. The Rs 1.12 crore tender was bagged by Vimalchand Jain Construction Company. Nilesh Jain of the company said that the work will be finished by May end.

Till 2008 work on only the sitting area was completed. Subsequently work was suspended without completing the construction of the roof. Now, the construction work has begun again and the stadium would hopefully be developed as a national level wrestling arena, where players of international calibre will be trained. UMC also proposed to construct a lawn tennis ground at Kshirsagar sports arena which was also left unfinished in 2010. Seven years later, UMC now plans to put in use this abandoned place for other sports citing the reason of indifference shown by general public towards lawn tennis. These two are just examples of many buildings which are left unused after uncompleted construction by UMC.

International wrestlers will be prepared in the arena

“Inadequate funds halted the development of stadium. Now UMC has granted Rs 1.12 crore for completion of the stadium roof. Soon a second tender will be released and separate gymnasium for girls and boys will be made. Also, boarding facilities will be provided so that players get rigorous training all year round. The stadium will be primarily used as wrestling arena where players of international standard will be trained under the specialised coaching of national level coaches.”
Sonu Gehlot, UMC chairman