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Thousands attend ‘Swadeshi-Abhiyan’ rally, campaign against Chinese products intensifies in city


Ujjain : Thousands of city dwellers joined hands in encouraging people to refrain from using  Chinese products in view of ongoing standoff between the armies of both nations. Vehicle rallies were taken out on main routes of the city which culminated at the general assembly, Shaheed Park, where a few hundreds more joined in.

Around 3500 volunteers took part in vehicle rally on Saturday under the campaign, ‘Rashtriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyan’, which aims to destroy the market presence of China from India,. The rally ended at 6 pm.

The event was presided over by Swami Madhav Prapannacharya of Ramanujkot who administered the pledge to attendees to boycott Chinese products. Zone coordinator of the campaign, Sripad Kulkarni was also present.

Key speaker, managing editor of Devputra, Dr Vikas Dave underlined the reasons for carrying out such massive campaign against Chinese presence in Indian market. In his address, he said that China through its cheap and mediocre quality products has negatively impacted small and medium size industries leaving lakhs of people jobless in last 15 years. “Previously we used products made by our artisans on festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksh-Bandhan and Sankranti, now Chinese products have flooded the markets,” he said.

“We bear a loss of Rs 52.7 billion dollars by doing business with China, which is 41 percent, highest among 19 nations that India have business relations with. To strengthen its footprint in Indian market, China deliberately sends low price items in Indian market,” he added. While China is destroying home industries, its soldiers regularly infiltrate Indian borders. In the war of 1962, it seized our 43, 000 square kilometers of land, the war also claimed lives of our 3080 soldiers. It also claims its authority in Arunachal Pradesh and wants to seize 90, 000 square kilometers of Indian land. It is also using neighboring countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan against India by developing Naval bases. Ignoring persistent opposition of India, it is also the developing China-Pakistan economic corridor. The current Doklam standoff is a current example of China’s anti India policies.

The event was conducted by coordinator Kuldeepak Joshi who outlined the various events conducted under the campaign throughout the month and thousands of people joined the campaign. Volunteers directly engaged with common people, students, traders and others and motivated them for not using Chinese products.

Tower lit by Chinese lights

With campaigns running throughout the city for boycotting Chinese products, the local administration, however chose to turn a blind eye and lit the Tower in tricolor with Chinese lights. General Secretary of SC wing of BJP, Mukesh Tatwal, however was quick to notice that and raised the complaint to immediately remove the lights from the Tower.