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This time along with rains, Dhoni blames bowlers too



Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was scathing in his criticism of his bowlers for bowling too many loose deliveries against Australia as they lost the first match of the One- Day series at the MCG, here on Sunday.


p> ‘If you see the game, they bowled too short. Two ( bowlers) went for a lot of runs. You do bowl loose deliveries but there are certain so loose that they would always go for a four or a six,’Dhoni said after his sides 65- run defeat.

‘Today we bowled a lot of these deliveries.

Even if its a big ground, the execution wasnalt39t great and that was the reason they could score 216 runs,’he added.

The Indian captain believed his strategy was affected due to prolonged rain break, which lasted three hours. ‘We were expecting rains but not to the extent it happened. The forecast said at most it will be 2- 4millimeters. But here we lost 18 overs It affects your strategy for you were left with only three overs with pacemen (on resumption). As in cricket, weather also doesnalt39t always go your way.’ The focus of his team, Dhoni said, should be to now make it to the finalsprobably at the expense of Sri Lanka. ‘Its important for us to get into the finals. Its not Australia or Sri Lanka. We first and foremost need to be in the finals and then channelise our energies.’ The two bowlers facing Dhonis ire were Ravinder Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin who leaked runs liberally. ‘Its aworry. If Jadeja doesnalt39t bowl well, then the stability of the side is affected. You also need abatsman who can bat at number seven. You need to restrict the opponent, you canalt39t let them score too many runs, thinking your batters can chase down any total.’ ‘You have to bowl well for the batters to have areasonable chance to chase down a total.’Jadjea conceded 41 runs in his 2.4 overs and was hit for three sixes. He also bowled two no- balls and awide. ‘As for Ashwin, its very difficult. At times bowlers donalt39t bowl well. It has effect on everyone. He is agood bowler, he has done well. But then its his first series in Australia. He is still getting used to it, especially with the white ball and the bounce of the wicket. If you bowl aloose delivery here, more often than not you would be scored off. It could be playing on his mind.’ One bowler who earned the skippers approval was young leg- spinner Rahul Sharma, who picked up Australian opener Mathew Wades wicket and induced a lot of edges. ‘He did adecent job for us. He was someone who was not consistently getting hit. There were alot of edges, which went to places where there were no fielders. The ball went to short fine leg and there wasnalt39t anyone. The ball went to mid- wicket and there was no fielder. Overall he did agood job for us.’ Dhoni said with the failure of the spinners, he would have to look at the options among the resources he has. ‘We will have to look at options. If Plan Adoesnalt39t work then you have to go with Plan B. We also have to look at our resources. We donalt39t have afast bowling allrounder. Irfan has just come in, we have to see if we can have variations. ‘If you have bowlers who are bowling below 130kmph, then you have to decide to go with three spinners or three fast bowlers. With pace, there is also opportunity to get scored quickly so you have to be careful.’ Indias fielding also was ragged in the middle but Dhoni didnalt39t blame his fielders. ‘The loose deliveries were abit too loose. You can put an effort in fielding but if the ball goes to deep mid- wicket and long on and there are no fielders, you could try your best but its no help.’ ‘Most of the boundaries went to vacant areas. Of course the fielders also were under pressure from the batsmen. On abig ground it happens, if you put the shot in right area, you could be the best fielder in the world but the batsmen would pick up runs.’ Dhoni took apotshot at his batsmen as they could put up just 151 on board in 29- odd overs. ‘Its not blaming b