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PLAYING IT alt39 SAIFalt39

JUST when talk of friendship with Pakistan was gaining momentum, the Pakistani censor board banned the movie alt39 Agent Vinodalt39. Luckily, the visiting members of the Pakistan Judicial Commission left f

or Pakistan before Saif could get his hands on them.

JayHind tweeted, ” Pakistan bans Agent Vinod. Lets reciprocate by banning Pritam from copying Pakistani music.” Farrenhite, linking the incident to the Veena Malik controversy, said, ” India accepts stuff that has ISI mark, Pakistan rejects stuff that has ISI remark.” Mojorojo pointed out, ” Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan. At least we only send them * movies* about spies.” Stupidusmaximus joked, ” Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan.

Manmohan Singh to send dossiers in protest.” TAILPIECE Manmohan Singh might blame Mamata Banerjee for this alt39 rollbackalt39 of poverty line. — FakingNews Breaking: Vijay Mallya to announce Kingfisher airlines below the poverty line. — Thetanmay Dear Sri Lanka. When we ask you to lose to Australia, you win. When we ask you to beat Bangladesh, you lose. You are the Mamata Banerjee of cricket. — rameshsrivats A little while back we wanted Sri Lanka to lose, today we want them to win… what happened to the good old Do It Yourself theory? — cricketaakash With this score, Manmohan Singh is reasonably convinced that India must vote against Sri Lanka at the UN. — Roflindian