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Survivors in love



After making headlines with her bikini act in alt39 Bigg Bossalt39 and alleged affair and breakup with bad boy Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi has been out of the news for a while. But the bold star was back in news for t

aking part in the reality show called absence alt39 Survivor India – Jee Paaogealt39. Not only Payal, in keeping with her element, garnered maximum press for her antics on the show, but also found her prince charming, pro wrestler Sangram.

Talking of her experience of being part of a ” real” reality show, Payal says, ” It is a reality show, properly shot hence there is no chance of any of it being scripted. The best part of the show was meeting Sangram. Being a pro wrestler, he was one of the strongest contenders and we really hit it off well. But not many people liked this. They would talk behind us and even conspire to eliminate me from the show, since the first episode.

But I stayed on for a good time.” On finding a real friend and a lover in Sangram, Payal says.

” All the time it was Sangram who would try to impress me.

He would break the coconut and give me, even give his share of food to me. Hes a genuine and down to earth person. We shared a good comfort level. After being in this field for the past 6- 7 years, I had become restless.

So when I met Sangram, I found a person I could easily relate to. He is a self- made man and yet so genuine, so unlike others in the show.” Officially a couple now and the leads of alt39 Valentines Nightalt39, their first film together, Payal says that their first meeting was totally filmy and much before alt39 Survivor Indiaalt39 happened. ” I still remember that day, when my car, in a filmy way, had stopped working right in the middle of nowhere. It was my drivers fault of course. And just when I was looking for a possible way out, I met Sangram who had helped me out with the car issue. However, we started keeping in touch only after spending time in alt39 Survivoralt39, where we met properly,” says Payal.

Survivors in love Payal Rohatgi talks about the reality show that gave her, her prince charming