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Sunny day gives respite to denizens from biting cold


Ujjain: After a fortnight, sun god smiled on the denizens of the city giving a respite from the biting cold on Monday. Though the city was under dense fog on Monday morning, day became pleasant as the day grew and the sky became clear.

Due to the dense fog in the morning, the visibility was too low. A thick layer of dew drops covered the leaves and streets. Temperature dipped to 11 degree Celsius on Sunday night whereas day’s temperature rose to 24 degree Celsius. After a interval of more than 10 days, the denizens experienced a pleasant day with sunshine on Monday.

As the sun rays fell on the green tree leaves they reflected it and turned marvellous and gorgeous.The administration had declared holiday for Classes I to II on Monday in view of the severe cold prevailed in the city.

A three- day holiday was declared earlier for Class I to VIII. Most of the trains were delayed due to the dense fog. Even after administrative officials visited city Ren Baseras during last days, Ujjain Municipal Corporation still seems unable to provide shelter to poor people who are compelled to spend nights under open sky in the city.