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Given the paucity of time and hectic pace of city- life, more and more Indians are turning to day spas to destress and rejuvenate themselves. In stressful times like these, its just what the doctor orders. De- stressing is a key benefit of spa therapies like massages.

Spas offer therapies for de- stressing which are categorised as follows: A. Therapies to reduce body aches and pains: These are ideal for sales professionals, gymgoers, athletes, travellers and housewives.

Swedish Massage uses five different massage movements to increase oxygen supply to the muscles and reduce lactic acid formation.

This leads to reduction of muscular pains and aches. Back Massage reduces pain and stress that sets up along the back by improving blood circulation and oxygen supply.

B. Therapies to reduce mental tension: These are ideal for anyone who regularly attends meetings, makes presentations or has an important event like a marriage or examination coming up. Aromatherapy Massage ( Relaxing) is a gentle massage that uses a blend of Ylang- Ylang and French Lavender essential oils to release hormones that have a calming effect on the mind.

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that involves rhythmically pouring herbal oil on the forehead, specifically on the third eyeto soothe the mind and eliminate any exhaustion in the nervous system. Head- Neck- Shoulder Massage concentrates on an area of the body most affected by mental stress. It relaxes the scalp and increases supply of oxygen to the mind to remove mental exhaustion.

C. Therapies to reduce tiredness: These are Ideal for anyone low on energy.

Aromatherapy Massage ( Energising) is a gentle massage that uses a blend of Spearmint, Lemon and French Lavender essential oils to energise your body and mind. Thai Massage is a dry massage that involves yoga- like postures. It improves the flow of energy by eliminating energy blockages and leads to alertness of mind. No oil or cream is used. Loose, comfortable clothing is provided. Foot Reflexology is a massage that works on the pressure points on the sole of the feet to revitalize corresponding body parts and restore energy.

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