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Spate of disputes at Qumari Marg


Ancient mosques staircase unearthed during digging

.. FP NEWS SERVICE Ujjain Qumari Marg presently undergoing widening exercise saw a spate of disputes on Sunday as a house situated near KD Gate all of sudden collapsed on Sunday

morning after a dispute between two groups. However, no loss of life was reported in the mishap. Another dispute also occurred on the same stretch of road when an ancient mosques staircase was unearthed during the digging under road widening drive. Large number of people gathered at the site to see the structure which later witnessed some dispute over its ownership.

Ujjain Municipal Corporation ( UMC) is carrying out the widening exercise at Qumari Marg for the last one month. Several dwellings have been demolished for road widening as they fell under the limits of road widening. A house situated near KD Gate was demolished initially by the UMC removal gang and landlord was asked to demolish the part which was hanging in balance.

The house is owned by two owners. While the ground floor belongs to Dilip Jain, the first floor is owned by a Bohra family. A quarrel occurred between the two owners after the part of house was demolished.

Another dispute occurred at Qumari Marg here on Sunday after the staircase of ancient Arjani Shah Dulha Mosque was unearthed during the digging under the road widening drive.

According to president of Mosque committee Mohammad Chaudhari, the ancient staircase exists about 15 feet away from the main road. The staircase was encroached upon and shops were constructed over it. Waqf Board claims of possessing the land and wants a judicial interruption.