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Seven injured in building fire



The last day of the year was marked by a tragic incident as a fire broke out in Kalbadevi area of south Mumbai on Saturday afternoon grievously injuring seven people. The officials stated that the incident took

place due to an alleged gas leak from a cylinder being used for welding at a commercial unit in the building.

Following the incident, the Fire Brigade rushed to the spot and doused the fire.

Two people are stated to be critical.

According to the LT Marg police, the fire officials got a call at around 4: 23 pm about a fire in the third floor of Building No 333 in Badamwadi area. The fire brigade rushed a fire engine, a water tanker and ambulance to the spot and brought the fire under control within minutes. Among the injured, two persons, employees with a jewellerymaking unit on the same floor of the building, are stated to be critical.

The sleuths said that six of the injured persons were initially rushed to Saifee Hospital and after administering first aid, they were sent to burns ward at Masina Hospital for further treatment.

The authorities at Masina Hospital stated that four of the victims have sustained minor burn injuries anywhere between 20 to 30 per cent, whereas two of them have sustained 60 per cent and 40 per cent burns respectively and are stated to be critical.

The injured have been identified as Sachin Dhulayi ( 25), Chandan ( 32), Prabir ( 28) Khagan Mandal ( 26) Mafal Vajaynta and Rohit ( 20).

Avinash Sonawane, Senior Inspector with the LT Marg police station said, ” At the moment no case has been registered in connection with the incident. Any case would be filed only after the reports of fire department and the BMC are ready.” The sleuths, however, stated that they would check if the owner of the premises had required permission. Prima facie reports of the fire officials stated that the incident happened due to leakage from the cylinder that was being used by a welder. Further probe is underway.