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Sartaj has no regard for forests, wildlife: Bhuria



Raising an objection to the decision to permit hunting of blue bulls and boars, PCC president Kantilal Bhuria said forest minister Sartaj Singh was least concerned about forests and wildlife and he has no r

ight to hold the position.

During his tenure as minister, deforestation has been carried out on a large scale and illegal mining has been encouraged.

Bhuria said, ” If a fair investigation is carried out and proper evidence is collected, people will come to know that Sartaj Singh is the biggest enemy to forests.” His approach towards forest and wildlife was unjust and impractical, he added.

” Wildlife is the real attraction of forest and if government permits hunting, blue bulls and boars will extinct,” he added.

The permission of hunters in the forest will pose a threat to other animals like deer and cheetal.

He also alleged that the move was probably to benefit the forest lodges and hotels. Once these lodges and hotels get permission to serve meat of blue bull and boar, the number of customers and income would multiply, he added.

He urged the government to roll back the decision and to remove Sartaj Singh.