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Flu vaccine in just five years

London: A universal flu jab may be available in just five years, if British scientists are to be believed. A research team at Southampton University has already discovered molecules shared by most stra

ins of the flu virus, a development it claims could help develop a vaccine with the potential of saving millions of lives. The scientists identified the molecules after subjecting healthy volunteers to flu infections. They found the participantsalt39 immune systems targeted a specific range of peptides or protein building blocks, within the internal structure of the flu virus, the alt39 Daily Mailalt39 newspaper reported. Harnessing the immune systems response to the peptides could produce an all- encompassing multi- strain vaccine, say the scientists. Team leader Dr Tom Wilkinson said: ” Influenza is a virus that we know has a global impact, and the threat of further pandemics is a real one.

Fat doctors canalt39t diagnose obesity?

Washington: Is your doctor fatter than you? Then, you are less likely to get a proper diagnosis of your obesity, researchers say. A new study, published in the journal Obesity, found that overweight and obese physicians who have a Body Mass Index ( BMI) of 25 or more were less effective at tackling obesity as they appear reluctant to discuss the topic with patients. However, doctors with normal body mass indexes ( BMIs) talk to obese patients about weight more often, and are more likely to diagnose patients as obese, found the study. Physicians with normal BMIs believed that overweight patients would be more likely to trust weight- loss advice if their doctor was not overweight, the researchers found.

Masks, hand washing can smother flu spread

Washington: Masks and hand washing can practically slash the spread of flu- like symptoms, new reseach has demonstrated. The study found up to a 75 percent reduction in flu- like illness over the study period with hand hygiene and surgical masks, said Allison Aiello, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. The results from both years of study found no significant reduction in symptoms in mask use alone, which suggests masks and hand hygiene should be used together, Aiello said, the journal Public Library of Science ONE reports.