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Pink slip to babus if not up to mark!



By a single stroke, the government has removed the security of job that the All- India services officers like IAS and IPS enjoy, deciding to give the pink slip to those found not up to the mark in the review twi

ce on completion of 15 and 25 years of service.

The house cleansing measure has been taken to improve the quality of governance by weeding out the unsuitable to create space for the efficient bureaucrats, says an official of the Department of Personnel and Training issuing the new fiat.

A notification gazetted on January 31 says that the Central Government may, in consultation with the state government concerned, require such an officer to retire from service in ” public interest,” after giving him or her at least three monthsalt39alt39 notice in writing or three months of pay and allowances in lieu of the notice.

It will be, however, done after reviewing performance of the office when he completes 15 years and 25 years of service or attains the age of 50 years. It means the government officersalt39 job is not secured up to 62, the age of retirement.

The gazette notification says the review will cover entire service record of the officer ” regarding suitability or otherwise for further retention in the service.” Those who have crossed 15 years or 25 years of service need not rejoice as the notification says in respect of them such review may be conducted at any other time as the central government deems fit.

The Administrative Reforms Commission and several government committees have been stressing that the non- performers in the bureaucracy should be weeded out as their continuation in the government impairs good governance.

Union Public Services Commission ( UPSC) chairman D P Agrawal only recently advocated for intense assessment of performance of the officers at various stages of their career to weed out dead wood at an early stage.