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Opening the pages of your past lives



You can uncover your past- life connections between yourself and others who are presently in your life.


formula can be tried on a regular basis and adapted to know the various aspects of our past lives. If you use aids like candles, incense, oils with various fragrances etc., it can heighten the effects.

You should imagine the scenes as best as you can and not dismiss what you see as some figment of imagination. Do not confuse imagination with the unreal.

We cannot imagine something if there was no basis for it. In this exercise, you may actually see the past life or one may simply get the feeling or impression. It will intensify as you persist.

It has to be understood that you are opening doors that have long been closed on you and hence may require some prying. Also, the exercise has to be done without any disturbance. Start with rhythmic breathing and then progressive relaxation. At this point your eyes should be closed to avoid any visual distraction.

Now see yourself at the top of a long staircase, which spirals gently down below. You will feel a sense of anticipation of what you are going to uncover.

You begin to descend. With each step you will find yourself more relaxed.

Down and down you descend. It feels good to step down this ladder. The further you descend, the lighter you seem to become. It is as if you are barely touching each step as you descend deeper and deeper. Soon the mist is all about you but you do not mind it. It is beautiful and soothing and you have not felt so light and loose for a long time.

You are becoming so light and relaxed that you are literally floating down the stairs and you have not felt so light and loose for a long time. You feel like a soft cloud descending from heaven and you see the bottom of the stairwell. The mist begins to dissipate and your feet touch the floor gently. You are at peace.

You see yourself in the middle of a large room. Across the room from you is a large oaken door.

As you step towards the door, you see your name engraved on the door itself.

Below your name is an engraving in a language that is foreign to you and you trace the letters with your fingers. As you do, you realise that it is your name as it was the last time you were here.

The door opens inwards and blue and gold streams forth. It encircles you. It passes through you. You close your eyes and you feel the joy of light.

Surrounding you are artefacts from every part of the world. There are sculptures, paintings and articles of clothing. Also, books, weapons, carvings and wares. The room is divided into cubicles and sections. Each area reflects the specific time and place.

The pages open slowly and as you come out of meditation, the doors close behind you but they are never truly closed because you are filled with a new sense of wonder and realisation.

You will never look at life at quite the same way again. We may never be able to prove that we have lived before in a certain place and yet this past- life meditation gives us benefits of personal empowerment, healing, enhancing inter- personal relationships and enlightenment.