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Now, a paathshaalafor prospective netas!



Agra It is poll- time in Indias largest state. And as election euphoria sweeps Uttar Pradesh, a coaching institute in Agra has announced a unique crash course – for first- time politicians. The course aims ” to groom

them, chisel the rough edges and ensure they do well at the polls.” Dinesh Dixit, the director of the institute Career Point which has announced the course told IANS: ” It is a week- long course with three sessions a day. It aims to make first- time politicians better communicators; polished and well- groomed personalities to attract voters.” Its a paid course which starts on Jan 2. ” Already a dozen have registered. We have worked on the syllabus, and will teach them all the tricks. Expert guidance would be available. Data analysis and past experiences would provide required insights,” Dixit said.

Exercises to be taught to the alt39 studentsalt39 would include leadership training, mikehandling, fund management, ways of winning confidence and applause from the audience, managing floating votes, and other alt39 secretsalt39. Motivational lectures would help candidates focus on their goals. Those who take the course will surely make a difference to the election scene this season, he claims.

” Their performances would be watched. For the nine Agra assembly seats, there will be at least ten candidates each. Except for those who have been with their respective parties for long, the others would need proper grooming and training in the entire election process which is becoming increasingly complex,” Dixit adds.

Dixit has helped thousands of youngsters, especially from rural hinterland to find government jobs and get selected in tough competitions.

But, he says coaching prospective politicians was especially challenging. IANS