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No electricity but farmers getting bills, complain MLAs



Minister of State for Energy Rajendra Shukla has said that state government is trying its level best to ensure power supply in the state.

Brijendra Singh Rathod of Congress, during calling- attentio

n motion on Monday, had raised the issue of poor power supply to farmers.

Rathore also said that in many villages, there are no electric polls, no wires and no transformers but the farmers are getting electricity bills, particularly in Prithvipur and Niwari Vidhan Sabha constituencies of Tikamgarh district. Even farmers have been jailed on non- clearance of bills.

Shukla said, ” In Niwari Vidhan Sabha constituency, Rs 2.24 lakh dues are pending against eight consumers who have taken connections from 63 kvs transformer in Bhitari, Rs 16.20 lakh is pending against 80 consumers who had connection from 100 kva transformer in Bijore, Rs 5.58 lakh is pending against 24 consumers who had been given connection from 63 kva transformer in Sondani Khirak. Therefore, power supply has been stopped but bills are being distributed because they owe arrears with surcharge.

Government has taken decision to waive off the surcharge”. ” Similarly, in Prithvipur Vidhan Sabha constituency, Rs 23.85 lakh is pending against consumers in Visunpura village, Rs 2.41 lakh is pending in Tenipura village, Rs 11.61 lakh is pending and Rs 10.82 lakh is pending in Atarra village.

Therefore, power supply has been snapped permanently from November 6″, minister added.

Power supply has been snapped, bills are of arrears, retorts minister