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E- Week at Atharva College

Atharva College of Engineering hosted their annual festival E- week this month. E- Weekalt39 12 had a completely new agenda compared to the previous years. The theme, declared by NEN, was alt39 Invent the

Futurealt39, which was to be the gist of the NEN E- Weekalt39 12 centre .

The centre covered a variety of ideas related to the theme. It was split in three parts the first showing the present, the second showing constructive future, and the third showing the destructive future. The destructive future dwelled on problems to be faced in the coming years, where as the constructive focussed on the solutions.

The present showcased the aspects of industrialisation and development around the cosmopolitan and underdeveloped regions.

The destructive future covered:

œ Bio- terrorism œ Ozone layer depletion œ Tiger Extinction œ World War III œ Stress and Anxiety œ Water, Food and Oil Scarcity

The constructive side, on the other hand provided solutions like

: œ AIDS and Cancer Vaccine œ 3D Technology œ India and the World Politics Scenario œ No Carbon, No Waste City œ Solar Tractor