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N D Tewari, A Father at 87


HAPPY FATHERalt39S DAY: DNA test goes against senior Congress leader in paternity suit

New Delhi The DNA test on N D Tiwari, who has served as Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, has revealed that he is the biological f

ather of a 32- year- old youth who has won a fiveyear- old paternity suit, which the veteran Congress leader had tried his best to scuttle.

In a first of its kind case involving a politician in India, the Delhi High Court made public the result of the DNA test report, rejecting 87- yearold Tiwaris last ditch attempts to keep it a secret. Tiwari had rejected the claim of Delhi- based law graduate Rohit Shekhar that he was his biological son.

The Congress leader had moved seven appeals in the Supreme Court and in the Delhi High Court, first refusing to give his blood sample and later trying to block the report being made public.

Declaring the result of the DNA test conducted at the Hyderabad- based laboratory, Justice Reva Khetrapal said, ‘As per the report, Tiwari is reported to be the biological father of Rohit Shekhar and Ujjwala Sharma is reported to be the biological mother.’Ujjwala Sharma, who is Shekhars mother and was in court with him, said its up to her son to decide whether he wants to add ‘Tiwari’to his name.

Legal experts said that Shekhar could be granted inheritance rights and have a valid claim to the politicians property.

Ujjwala is the daughter of former MP and Minister of State for Defence Sher Singh. She reportedly came in contact with Tiwari while working for the Mahila Morcha of the Congress.

Ujjwala was married to DP Sharma, but the two now live separately.

Tiwari issued a statement, which was read by his lawyer outside the court in which he called the case his personal matter. ‘Please do not try to look into my private life. I have been a freedom fighter. I have the right to live according to my own wishes. No one has the right to look into my private life,’Tiwari said in his statement. He told reporters in Dehra Dun, ‘Due to my simplicity and my advanced age, trusted people hatched a conspiracy against me. I have no ill will against them. My sympathy is with Rohit. I also have no grudge against him.’An emotional Rohit is in no mood to forgive and forget. ‘Tiwaris legal troubles will mount now. He will pay for all the hurt he has caused my mother for so many years,’said the son.

In his appeal, Tiwari had pleaded with the court to protect his ‘right to reputation,’contending that the single- judge bench has adopted a ‘shortcut’to decide the suit and it would cause ‘grave injustice’to him.