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My mother is my biggest critic


Having come along way in the musical industry, Shreya Ghoshal talks about music, her journey and her wedding plans

LIPIKA VARMA Shreya Ghoshal has paved her path

from being a contestant on a reality show to now being the judge of one. And with every step to success a gradual change came about this talented singer. " It is true that I have changed. As far as my look and persona is concerned, I believe we need to go along with the trend. Being a judge I am also part of the showbiz hence I have to maintain my appearance.

But from within I am still very emotional.

Even while judging the contestants I become emotional but then I have to draw my lines somewhere in order to bring out the best talent to enrich our music domain," says Shreya.

Being a part of the industry since long, Shreya still seeks recognition.

Expressing herself she says, " We singers and all those who are affiliated to the music industry desperately want recognition.

We do not want actors to be recognised as our voices. If the lyrics are good and the song becomes a huge hit then even those involved in making it a quality product should get their due. We need not be just slaves to promotions." With time, the music in Bollywood has changed what with many songs having bold lyrics in them. But Shreya wants to revive Ghazals as the true form of music.

" Ghazalas have their own charm; every listener at some point of time will find them very intriguing. And people who are well aware about classical music always wish to listen to artists like Jagjit Singh. But it feels sad to see that there is more audience for contemporary style of music who completely disregard the Ghazals. There are very few people who enjoy Ghazals and those melodious numbers," says Shreya.

Being a big name now, it is obvious that Shreya has worked with several big musicians in the industry. But the singer has never said no to paying heed to their advice, only to feel a bit dejected later. " At times my senior musicians have asked me to sing a song in their own way and I have followed their instructions. But when I have listened to those songs after they are released I feel I could have done them in a better way. Anyway, I have learnt to listen to suggestions. But my biggest critic is my dearest mom who always criticises me. At times I get bugged and tell her, alt39 Ki ma, tumi to amake shob shomay criticise korte hoyealt39 ( Mom, you keep criticising me all the time)!" she says.

And lastly we ask the still single singer about her marriage plans. " I am single and not that I do not want to get married. But I do not believe in alt39 chat mangani pat byaahalt39 because such marriages break off easily. I donalt39t want to face the trauma of a broken family. So I will get married only after calculating all the pros and cons," she says before signing off.

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