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BHOPAL: The international cooperative convention being held under the joint aegis of the state cooperative department and Sahkar Bharti has kicked up a row. It so happened as the employees of loss- making cooperative bodies came out of it, protes

ting alt39 forceful collectionalt39 being done from their offices by the state government. The state cooperative department issued an order to 13 cooperative bodies – many of them are loss incurring – to pay alt39 donationalt39 for the event irrespective of their financial capacity, said sources.

The state cooperative department made various cooperative bodies sponsors for the event and collected huge money from them for arranging the event.

The event, the department says, is being organised to mark the Cooperative Year and will be a platform to boost the cooperative movement.

For this convention, the organiser collected more funds from cooperative bodies than the state governments contribution.

The state government sanctioned a sum of Rs 25 lakh for the convention.

Besides, Apex Bank paid Rs 15 lakh, Dugdha Sangh Rs 10 lakh and Awas Sangh and Upobhokta Sangh each Rs 5 lakh, and MP Laghu Vanopaj Sangh Rs 15 lakh.

Details of other cooperative bodies, who paid for the event, are yet to be received.

Employee unions said the state government collected funds from loss- making cooperative bodies without considering their financial status.

” The state government dictated to collect funds from cooperative bodies, which are paying fifth pay scale to employees and no interim relief of dearness allowance,” said Anil Vajpayee, president of Nigam Mandal Karmachari Sangh.

Awas Sangh and Upbhokta Sangh both are in debt.

Upobhokta Sangh has dues of Rs 12 crore to pay to the Apex Bank. It is well know that Awas Sanghs fiscal health is not good and it has difficulties to manage its financial activities.

Though the government officials of the loss- making cooperative bodies donalt39t react to the state governments order openly, they said financial condition of the bodies does not permit them to pay such huge amount, wishing not to be quoted. Vajpayee said, ” The Sangh will hold a meeting on February 7 to consider the state governments order and take a decision on protesting it.”