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MHADA gets good response for purchasing private land



The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority ( MHADA) has got an overwhelming response for their initiative of purchasing private land at market rates to enhance their land bank all over the state.

” We have got very good response throughout the state especially the Nashik and Pune regions as we have got proposals around 50 hectares at Nashik and around 250 hectares in Pune,” said MHADA Vice President Satish Gavai.

In Pune, MHADA has already moved on to the next step as they have already advertised around eight to ten proposals that they received to get any counter and better offer for similar size of land at a better price. MHADA had announced in December that they plan to purchase land at market rates and after getting the proposals they would study the proposal before finalising the deal and also look for any better offer from others. ” If the rates demanded by the seller are less than or up to the ready reckoner rates, the concerned Chief officer can take the decision, however if the rates demanded are higher than that, then our committee would take the decision,” said an official of MHADA. The committee consists of the CO, additional collector of the concerned district and assistant director of town planning department. The group would study the feasibility of the proposal as well as decide the price and sustainability of the plot available.

Whether the plot could be used for affordable housing is the major criteria before finalising any deal. ” In the current phase, we would be able to purchase the first stock of land within three months and would continue the prices of inviting proposals as and when required” said the official.

However the problem of scarcity of land in Mumbai and MMR would be haunting the MHADA as there has not been any response in the Mumbai board while the Konkan board have received very few proposals.


¡ Section 41 of MHADA act enables them to acquire any land after proper negotiations. However this is a very lengthy process as people approach the court.

¡ Section 52 of MHADA act empowers them to purchase or lease any land ¡ Under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning act ( MRTP), some portions of land are earmarked for MHADA ¡ Under ULCA, MHADA is entitled for some land, how ever the land is not currently made available and most of it is encroached.