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Man accuses police of cruelty, threatening with encounter


Ujjain : Noor Khan, resident of Helawadi, Maulana Azad Marg and a temporary employee with Ujjain Municipal Corporation has made serious allegations against policemen of Jeevajiganj and Chimanganj thana.

In a complaint forwarded to the director general of police, president of State minority commission, president of State human rights commission, inspector general of police, Ujjain and superintendent of police, he alleged that Manish, Narendra Singh Chouhan and Sunil Bhadauria from Jeevajiganj thana inquired him about whereabouts of his brothers-in-law. When he said he didn’t have any information, policemen forcefully without an arrest warrant took him to the station on July 8 and beat him up harshly with a pipe, belt and stick and left him severely injured. En route to Chimanganj thana, the said policemen again beat him at Biyabani square and kept him in Chimanganj thana lockup from July 8 to 10 and also threatened him of an encounter.

 He also alleged that all the cruelty shown on him was with the knowledge of Jeevajiganj TI. He has requested a FIR against all the policemen who tortured him just because he was unaware of whereabouts of his brothers-in-law.

He also requested that the CCTV footage from July 8, 10:30 pm to July 10 1:30 pm should be immediately checked else it would be damaged.