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Seems like Bipasha Basu isnalt39t the only one smitten by her alt39 Jodi Breakersalt39 costar, R Madhavan, the feeling is mutual.

Donalt39t get us wrong, there is no love brewing, but a possibility of a match ma


If sources close to the alt39 jodialt39 are to be believed then seems like the southern superstar has taken upon himself to find his hot co- star a lover, and possibly a life mate. But corner Madhavan about the issue and he diplomatically starts on the topic this way: ” I feel Bips is being very humble when she praises me.

But one thing is very clear that Bips is a very good human being. She possesses all the good qualities which need to be there in a woman.

Also whosoever gets married to her will enjoy her company to the fullest.” He further adds,” After breaking up with John Abraham, she has definitely learnt to move ahead in life with zeal. I am on the lookout for getting her the perfect match this time. Undoubtedly, friends in need only can be friends indeed. I will have to look for the right matrimonial match for Bipasha.” Now thats called being real alt39 good friendsalt39.