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ISRO row

The government is correct in reconsidering the ban on four ISRO scientists. Whatever be the merits of the case, one feels that the scientists concerned should have exercised more care while dealing with a private firm. They

have unnecessarily sullied the excellent image of ISRO that has put India firmly on the space map of the world.

DR V Subrmanayan, Dombivali

The Rushdie episode

Journalists who are increasingly influencing public opinion, should try to present sensitive issues like ban on Salman Rushdies book and M F Hussains objectionable paintings in the right perspective instead of drawing convenient parallels to confuse the issues. Seema Mustafa, ( in The Growing Intolerance ) is conflating the issue of Hussain with the Rushdie episode. The association of sex, nudity etc with the objects of reverence of any culture, religion etc is not acceptable and is not allowed under freedom of expression in any civilised and liberal societies for obvious reasons.

Vivek L Dev

Defeat in Australia

The crushing defeat of the Indian cricket team in Australia has saved huge sums of public money for both the central, and state government and for BCCI too because a win for the cricket team could make governments and BCCI shower money, land etc like freebies on our super- rich cricketers.

Unfortunately the government and BCCI have no provision to take back money or plots awarded to Indian cricketers for some selected performances, when the team faces such shameful defeats. Since BCCI does not accept itself to be a public- authority, it should not be given right to call alt39 itsalt39 cricket- team as Indian cricket team. It is high time that Sports Ministry has a team that may be an authorised Indian cricket team covered under the RTI Act.

S C Agrawal

Dearth of role s

It is a complete disgrace to know that the dearth of role s in the country. They are depleting day by day for our young generation.

Narayan Murthy has rightly pointed out that due to the absence of good examples in our society the young generation is driven in wrong direction. With so much of corruption and dishonesty present in India, it is essential for the society to come together and swear these elections to perform our duty by casting our votes and become our own role s.

Khyati Shah, Mumbai

Backlog of court cases

According to reports, there are more than three crore court cases pending in various courts of the country and with every day passing by the number is increasing. For last many years several proposals have been made and strategies implemented to deal with the formidable problem, but without much success. Recently the Chief Justice of India blamed the government for not filling the vacant seats in judiciary and constructing more courts. It is high time that the government clears majority of the cases on the priority basis.

Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

Growing Intolerance

Of late India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The very fact that we call ourselves a democracy and then we see the Home MInister of the country laying strict laws to censor the internet, ban books and the latest being Jay Lenos joke on American politician showing the Golden Temple or the BBC journalist showing carrying a commode and making fun of Indias toilets in the trains. This questions our very basic right to express views that are censored. The pride that we are the biggest democracy is slowly fading away.

Intolerance should not come in the way of our very constitution that just celebrated 63 years.

Shwetal Shah, Mumbai

Nightlife for parents and kids

The idea of alt39 Moon Crechealt39 is very unique in order to parents enjoy their privacy while their children are off at home enjoying their privacy. Being a parent does not mean you give up your private life and just take care of your kids. Even parents need some time together because there is always a need of bondi