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The Bhatts are known to make low- budget films that portray the dark secrets of life, always with a touch of sensuality and the best of music. The Bhatts have built franchises in the form of the Raaz and  Murder series and now the filmmakers are gearing up to do the same with  Jannat. The first part,  Jannat, portrayed the journey of a man who wants to make it big and uses match fixing to do so. In the sequel,  Jannat 2, we have a man who comes from the background of the illegal arms trade industry.

Initially, the film was titled  Informer based on the character of Sonu Dilli played by Emraan Hashmi who is a police informer in the film. Eventually, the Bhatts settled on  Jannat 2. Randeep Hooda plays the cop Pratap Raghuvanshi. Ex Miss India International Esha Gupta plays Doctor Jhanvi Tomar.

The tale of a Jannat 2 revolves around these three important people.

Sonu Dilli earns his living by selling guns and has never worked hard for a days meal. He is that clichéd criminal who can challenge any gangster and get out of any mess when his charm and luck are at work. Sonu Dilli has a special nick name,  Kutthi Kameeni Cheez, which signifies his personality. This name has been given to Sonu by his good friend and partner Balli.

Then there is ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi who lives under the shadow of his past. He is burdened by the blemishes of the bygones and his actions are driven by these emotions.

Also, he nurtures a strong feeling of revenge against the gun nexus; hence, he ropes in a man from the trade itself, Sonu Dilli. They form an alliance to bring down the illegal gun trade.

The sexy quotient in the film is provided by Jhanvi Tomar, who is a doctor by profession and very simple at heart. She is an honest girl who works at a local hospital and is struggling to collect funds to save the hospital from being taken over.

Sonu falls in love with Jhanvi.

However in the end, Sonu Dilli has to make a tough decision, which will change his life forever.

Initially, it was Prachi Desai whose name was discussed for the role of Jhanvi; however, the Bhatts are known to introduce new talent and so it seems apt that Esha makes her film debut with this movie. Esha playing the soul of alt39 Jannat 2 will be worth watching. The combination of Emraan and the Bhatts has usually been successful, so that will be something the audience can look forward to as well.

The Bhatts have had success with their franchise offerings, and there seems to be no major reason why  Jannat 2 would fail at the box office.

CAST: Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Randeep Hooda DIRECTOR: Kunal Deshmukh PRODUCER: Mahesh Bhatt and Mukhesh Bhatt MUSIC: Pritam Chakraborty DATE OF RELEASE: Today PREVIEW