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Iran may ban import of all European goods



Iran may ban imports of all products from Europe as an answer to the European Union ( EU) which has voted against oil imports from Tehran, IANS reports.

Nasser Sudani, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on

energy, said a bill worked out by parliament stipulated an immediate cease of oil exports to the EU, without waiting for the coming into force of the EUinitiated ban. It also ” obliges the government to ban import of all goods from the states which imposed sanctions against our country”, Sudani told alt145 Press TValt39. The EU voted last week to ban oil imports from Iran. The move came after Tehran announced it had launched a nuclear enrichment programme at a wellprotected underground facility near the holy Shia city of Qom. Sudani also said the EU sanctions will hit Europe itself because Western countries had no other sources to compensate their oil demand.