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Instill fear in hearts of criminals: Chauhan



The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that the fear of police should be visible among criminals. Immediate action should be taken in cases of rape, murder and other heinous crimes. Everything p

ossible should be exercised in tracking down and nabbing criminals.

Sometimes, cases are filed on account of enmity or vested interests. Truth should be brought forth in such cases.

He was holding an unscheduled video conferencing with district officials here on Saturday.

The Chief Minister said that nexus of gambling, ( Satta) speculation and liquor must be broken. Police station in charges should ensure effective action against criminals. He said that responsibility of a police station in charge will be fixed if a serious crime is committed in his area. He instructed that collectors and SPs should tour areas under their respective jurisdictions regularly. Activities of unwanted elements should be strictly curbed near schools and colleges, especially girlsalt39 educational institutions. Stern action should also be taken against people drinking liquor at roads and public places.

The CM said that Divisional Commissioners will be directly responsible for implementation of government schemes. Negligence will not be tolerated.

Chief Minister said that officers should not remain confined to their rooms alone but also make surprise inspections. Inspectors General and Divisional Commissioners should undertake joint tours to oversee law and order situation.

He said he himself will review the ground realities of the state every 15 days through videoconferencing.

He also told the Divisional Commissioners to hold regular videoconferencing with collectors of their respective divisions and review progress of the ongoing schemes.

Get out of your offices, tour areas in your jurisdiction