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InfosysKris wants govt to clamp curbs on social media


The Infy founder wants govt to regulate Facebook &co from hosting objectionable contents

FPJ BUSINESS DESK Mumbai IT major Infosys Executive Co- Chairman Krish Gopalakrishnan said the government should impose regulations to

check media players like Google, Yahoo and Facebook from hosting objectionable contents on their websites.

” The government should regulate social media websites from hosting objectionable contents. It is vital to establish jurisdiction over citizensalt39 data for security reasons,” he said at the Knowledge Summit organised by All India Management Association here.

Gopalakrishnan noted that this was a global problem and it was being dealt differently by different countries. ” The European Union is trying to set up its own guidelines, while the US is doing it in its own style,” he said.

He said social media had become powerful in terms of opinion making and publishing positive and negative stories. ” Sometimes, deliberately or by mistake, such stories could be twisted to create needless problems,” he added.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo India and Microsoft have been accused of hosting anti- religious or anti- social contents on their websites.

The controversy over monitoring social networking websites arose after Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal had asked them to alt39 screenalt39 their contents.

A Delhi court had recently directed several social media players including Facebook India, Google India Pvt Ltd and Youtube to remove objectionable contents from their websites.

Allaying fears of a Chinalike crackdown on social media sites, Sibal, last month, had clarified that the government has no plans to censor social media but they have to obey the laws of the country.

Facebook has nearly doubled its users in the past one year as against nearzero penetration in neighbouring China.

The growth of 132 % in India has been higher than many other countries, including home market in US. According to Facebooks documents for IPO filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC), the number of Monthly Active Users ( MAUs) stood at 845 million as of December last year out of which 46 million were from India.

The European Union is trying to set up its own guidelines, while the US is doing it in its own style’KRISH GOPALAKRISHNAN Infosys Executive Co- Chairman