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IDA moots 1,000 acre scheme for IT cos


Indore: Indore Development Authority ( IDA) has mooted a scheme spread over 1,000 acres exclusively for the IT companies in order to make Indore an IT hub. The project is likely to be developed near Super Corridor and IT companies would be allotted land according to their needs.

It may be recalled that the IDA has already handed over 100 acres and 130 acres land, to be allotted to TCS and Infosys, to the State Government.

Besides the above, the State Government has directed the authority to reserve up to 70 acre land for Infosys for its expansion.

The IDA officials are still mulling how to get this additional 70 acre land for Infosys because it had acquired the land from farmers without paying anything upfront and on promise to return 50 percent of total land acquired in developed form. After allotment to IT majors, the authority has to return the land to farmers and if any land is left over, it can be used for its own purposes, which in all likelihood would not amount to much. Moreover the proposed Medical Hub and Sports Complex are also located in the same area, giving very little elbow room to the authority to manoeuvre.

Meanwhile, other IT companies approached the government for land to establish their delivery centres in the city. The Department of Information Technology wrote to the IDA seeking information on available land on Super Corridor for allotment to IT companies.

Not to be outdone, IT companies operational in the state since long time, led by Impetus, a city based IT company, also approached the State Government and demanded that they too be allotted land for their software delivery centres on the same price and terms. The Department of Information Technology again shot a letter to the authority, seeking information on available land for allotment to these companies.

With more IT companies making a beeline for land, the authority began to look for alternative options available to it. One of the options was to use close to 700 acre land reserved by IT department for IT companies in village Badhiya Keema on Kanadia Road.

In order to obtain this land, the officials of authority visited the land and rejected it out right. To begin with, of 700 acres land, 300 acre was reserved for green belt as per the Master Plan.

Secondly, there is no suitable approach road to the remaining 400 cares even if the authority wanted to use for IT sector, not to mention the land use which needs to be changed and involves lengthy process. According to sources, during his recent visit to the city, secretary, Department of Information Technology, Hariranjan Rao suggested to the authority that it should conceive a separate and exclusive scheme for IT companies only in order to make the city next IT hub after Hyderabad and Pune.

Taking up on Raos suggestion and after rejecting the land at village Badhiya Keema, the authority has decided to introduce a new scheme spread over 1000 acres for allotment to IT companies.

The new scheme is likely to be situated closer to the Super Corridor with proper approach road and all basic infrastructure. Accordingly, the IDA officials are working on the scheme and once approved it would be formally announced through media.