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Guiding Light




MAN is the epitome of the universe. Whatever exists in the macrocosm, exists also in the microcosm. All the forces that are manifested in nature, are to be found also in the human

body. The gigantic forces of nature, such as attraction, electricity, heat, light and various other kinds of motion, are also to be found in the microcosmic world of the human body. These forces that are manifested in the human body, are not different in kind from those that we see in the external world, but they are the same, only the difference is in the degree of manifestation. As on the physical plane, so it is on the mental plane. All the powers that are manifested by human beings, are also to be found in the universal mind. The universal mind is the source of all the powers, which have been shown by different individuals on the human plane. That universal mind is also called the cosmic mind. There is one eternal current of the cosmic mind which is flowing from eternity to eternity. The individual minds are related to this cosmic mind, as eddies and whirlpools are related to the current. The eternal current of the cosmic mind, if flowing and producing eddies or whirlpools, is called as our own individual minds. These eddies of the individual minds are connected with other eddies through the cosmic mind.

The waves of power that are manifested in different forms of psychic forces, rise from the cosmic mind which is below our ordinary conscious plane. It is the subconscious mind. They rise up to our conscious plane from this unconscious or subconscious or subliminal self. Then we become conscious of them. Then afterwards they go down again to the subconscious realm. The subconscious realm is a vast realm, greater than our conscious plane. Our consciousness lies on the crest of these waves, which are rising from the subconscious or unconscious plane and going back again to it. All the powers that rise in our conscious plane practically belong to the subconscious realm. They are unknown to us at present, but in time under certain conditions and circumstances, they manifest themselves on the conscious plane. Then we know their existence.