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Foresters clear NLU area


Tiger withdraws to forest, search teams still active


The tiger which was seen at National Judicial Academy on Tuesday night at 2: 30 pm has moved to the forest area again. The team of forest

department burnt the bushes in the area last night and the work of clearing the area still continues.

The bushes in the area behind the toll tax naka have been cleared so that the movement of any animal in the area is clearly visible during the night time. DFO Kamlesh Chaturvedi has said that more than half- adozen search teams have been constituted by the forest department for locating the feline seen in the Bhadbhada area. These search teams are searching continuously for the last 24 hours for the tiger at different check points.

According to the information given by the forest department officials that in the early hours from 2am to 4am the search team is keeping an eye for the movement of the tiger but till now the feline has shown no movement in the area.

Assistant Director of Van Vihar AK Khare has said that after the incident the location of the three cages kept to catch the two felines has been changed now.

Apart from this, four vans have been brought which will patrol the area between National Judicial Academy and Kerwa dam. The locals have been also informed that in case of any clue about the tiger they should immediately inform the search team members.