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Dirty reflection of Ujjain’s clean visage exposed


Ujjain: The harsh reality behind Ujjain Municipal Corporation attempt to make the city number one in the cleanliness campaign was exposed when the Jai Ujjain team headed by Madhya Pradesh Congress committee secretary Chetan Yadav, visited key points in the city. Unclean toilets with open drains, which looked new just on the exterior and no provisions for women were discovered. Lakhs of rupees spent on beautification of the city seemed an absolute waste with roads lacking dividers and to top it all Ujjain, the team said, was a city with no water fit for drinking.

The Jai Ujjain team also roamed around to check on the safety of women and appropriate sanitation arrangements for them in upscale parts of the city. Much to their dismay, toilets in the busy areas of Dewas gate and railway station were found to be dirty and stinking with no arrangements for water. The auto-magic stand in the area too had no shed for protection from sun and rain.

The toilets in front of the Theosophical society, Vikram lodge were also dirty and so small that people found it difficult to enter them. The auto-magic stand in front of MPEB office on Maksi road also did not have a shed.

Shravan Sharma, Mujeeb Supariwala, Jitendra Tilkar, Kamal Chauhan, Bunty Chaurasia, Ashok Udaywaal, Om Bhardwaj and Anand Bagoria of the Jai Ujjain team carried out the inspection.