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The new IITs will not be able to hand out degrees to their graduating students if the parliament does not approve them on time

According to recent reports, students who expected to make it big when they entered any of the new Indi

an Institutes of Technology ( IITs) set up in 2008, are stumbling over a major hurdle even before starting their careers – that is as they graduate. These students have completed their four- year programme with coursework and assignments, but cannot be conferred with their degrees since the new IITs are not yet approved by the Parliament.

So, these students, even after complying with all their academic requirements, will not be receiving their degrees yet.

” Everything is in the doldrums, since our institute is not being able to freeze a date for the convocation due to this reason. Otherwise, it is usually August,” informs a student of the Gandhinagar campus requesting anonymity.

While students and directors of the new institutes hope that the Parliament expedites this process, a few students who graduated last year have been given provisional certificates. Academicians also are taking the issue quite seriously. ” These are the temples of learning, the only saving grace that our country has when talking to institutes of international standards. How can they be let down like this?” questions an evidently upset Mukund Desai, former professor of mechanics.

” The way the population is growing, I am sure talent is also growing. There is a growing need for more IITs to tap and nurture this talent. Only, they need to be more streamlined,” says Samreen Dhillon, who graduated out of IIT Delhi a few years ago.

” Why do people get so sentimental on the topic of the IITs? How could you think like that? Do you ever think why does the country spend so much money every year for these IITs? Why is there a very tough entrance to get admitted in an IIT? The IITs were introduced to produce some extraordinary technocrats who can contribute to the country in the field of science and technology. Thats the way a country can progress. In that sense, the setting up of these new IITs is a welcome step, and yet, it is the government that has put the institutes to shame,” says IITian Sapan Shah.

” The reason why the IITs are so coveted is the alt39 exclusivityalt39 that goes with the preparation during the entrance exams. It is impossible that the government will be able to provide such funds to everyone. What then is the harm of more students benefitting from the newly set up institutes. I donalt39t see why a student will not be able to perform well just because he or she does not have a paper called the degree. I am sure that all these students will be well placed, and succeed in their careers. Getting the formal degree on paper is just a matter of time,” says Dhillon.

Interestingly, when Knowledge had done a story questioning the quality of infrastructure at the new IITs, it was quite a clear response, that somewhere down the line the infrastructure will improve and the new institutes will pull their act together. For students, all that matters would be the degree they walked out with, and the alt39 IITianalt39 tag they earned along with that degree.

Sadly, even that is stuck in an if- and- but situation right now.

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