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Crores still unspent, but DAVV has to claim more



The University Grants Commission ( UGC) has sought from the DAVV its requirement of grant for XII Five Year Development Plan even as the varsity is still struggling to utilise previously allocated grant

under XI Plan in 40 days.

The alt145 unspentalt39grant is of nearly Rs 6 crore which the university has to utilise by March 31 anyhow.

If failed to utilise this grant in the stipulated timeframe, the DAVV would have to return it with 10 per cent simple interest, thanks to HoDs busy in conniving to become Vice- Chancellor and varsity officials who are busy in pursuing MBA. The UGC had sanctioned Rs 15.95 crore to the varsity under XI Plan. This grant was five times more than what the varsity had got under X Plan.

The DAVV could have done wonders with such a huge amount. It could have developed one of its kind infrastructure and enhanced research and academic activities that would have benefited hundreds of students. But, ironically due to lackadaisical attitude of the university HoDs and officials not much was done and not much was spent.

Out of Rs 15.95 crore funds, the varsity has thus far utilised merely Rs 10 crore in four years and 11 months.

Now, it faces a challenge of utilising the remaining grant of Rs 6 crore in next one month. For a university that could spend just Rs 10 crore in nearly five years, it is too big a task.

Meanwhile, the UGC has sought the DAVVs requirement of grant for XII Plan.

As per new provisions, the UGC would not send its team to universities for analyzing their requirements of funds. Rather, it would take their requirements and then ask the varsities to justify the amount they have quoted through presentations at the UGC headquarters.

The DAVV has to submit its requirement by April 10.

Two years without grant After allocating Rs 3.23 crore grant till December 2008, the UGC had withheld further installments of grant for two years as the varsity failed to spend previous installments and settle utilization certificate ( UC) in time. From January 2009 to March 2011, the varsity ran without UGC grant.

The funds could not be spent as HoDs were busy in pursuing their dream of becoming vice- chancellor and UC could not be settled as varsity officers were pursuing MBA executive programme.

Race for V- C post In last three years, the university witnessed two races for Vice- Chancellors post and third one is going on at present. HoDs got busy in trying their luck for the coveted post after Bhagirath Prasad resigned in March 2009 and his successor Ajit Singh Sherawat in 2010. The ambitious HoDs is unlikely to get over grant issue even now as race for the VC chair has begun again after PK Mishra quit the post two months back.

The musical chair being played at V- Cs office put DAVV in limbo as more than Rs 6 cr UGC grants lies unutilised even as 40 days are left for spending