Congress stage ‘jal-satyagrah’ against water contamination


Ujjain : Congress workers staged a protest against the mixing of filthy water of the Kanh river and failure of the Narmada-Kshipra link project on Saturday.

Congress workers led by Noorie Khan, began their protest by staging a ‘jal-satyagrah’ at Kshipra’s Ramghat, and then offered a ‘chadar’ at the dargah of Maulana Mauj. Following this, a protest march with members holding pitchers filled with non potable water of the Kshipra mixed with dirty water of Kanh River, was held from Ramghat to the residence of energy minister Paras Jain.  However, the police restricted the march by placing barricades at a distance of 300 metres from the residence of the minister. Police also lathi charged the workers for trying to forcefully enter barricades. After a 15 minute tussle with  the police, representatives were permitted to meet the minister.

Noorie Khan led workers handed over the pitcher to the minister and asked him about the absence of the Narmada River from the city and failure of the Rs 432 crore Narmada-Kshipra link project. Questions were also raised on the Rs 100 crore Kanh river diversion project, as dirty water from Kanh continues to get mixed with Kshipra making its water very dirty and unfit for drinking.

They also questioned him how the government planned to supply clean water in view of the weak monsoon, a pre condition when the Narmada-Kshipra link project was conceived. The Congress also demanded to book officers who indulged in corruption making the projects unsuccessful.

Responding to the workers, Jain praised the government for its efforts and taunted the delegation for the absence of big leaders from the protest. He asked the workers to pray for a good monsoon dodging tough and legitimate questions.

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