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CNG filling station to remain open for 24 hrs


Ujjain: Commotion prevailed at a CNG filling station in Rishi Nagar here on Wednesday. After the fuss created by auto- rickshaw and Magic drivers, the filling station remained closed on Tuesday. It was decided that the filling station will remain open for 24 hours.

After a dispute that occurred between employees of CNG filling station and auto- rickshaw and Magic drivers on Tuesday, filling station remained shut and CNG was not supplied to vehicles. Furious over the matter, drivers created fuss at the station demanding solution for their problems.

As the city has only one CNG filling station, the situation often gets worsened because of dispute between drivers and CNG station employees.

Vehicles have to queue up for hours to get fuel. After the commotion at the station, none of the administrative officer and police approached there to resolve the matter.

Finally, Madhav Nagar police reached the Filling station and arrested two auto drivers and took them to police station. Traffic police was also deployed at the station. After the discussion with officers, it was decided to keep station open for 24 hours.