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The killer App and other Paranormal Stories

Penguin Books Pages: 171; Price: Rs. 199 A wildly popular app that feeds on hatred; a trek that literally brings out the beast in man; a luxury resort you donalt39t want to visit on a ne

w- moon night; a swimming pool with a deadly secret. These fiendishly unnerving tales by bestselling authors David Hair, Ranjit Lal, Deepa Agarwal, Subhdra Sen Gupta, Mainak Dhar, Himani Dalmia and others scare, delight and surprise by turns. Murdering ghosts, enchanted amulets, a haunted medical school, an uncle with a resemblance to a vengeful lion… all these bring the paranormal uncomfortably close. Read if you dare..

Neglected Poems Gulzar

Ed. By Pavan K Varma Penguin Viking Pages: 133; Price: Rs. 399 Gulzar is regarded as one of Indias foremost Urdu poets today, renowned for his unusual perspectives on life, his keen understanding of the complexities of human relationships, and his striking imagery. After Selected Poems, a collection of some of his best poetry translated by Pavan K. Varma was extremely well received, Gulzar has chosen to present his next sixty poems in an inimitable way: labelling them Neglected Poems. alt145 Neglectedalt39only in name, these poems represent Gulzar at his creative and imaginative best, as he meditates on nature ( the mountains, the monsoon, a sparrow), delves into human psychology ( when a relationship ends one is amazed to notice that alt145 everything goes on exactly as it used toalt39), explores great cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and New York (alt145 In your town, my friend, how is it that there are no homes for ants?alt39), and confronts the most telling moments of everyday life.

Women in Terrorism

Case of LTTE Tamara Herath Sage Publications Pages: 241; Price: Rs. 595 Women in Terrorism examines the growing number of women actively engaged in terrorist activity and considers the significance of this for theorising gender, conflict and social politics.

With that aim, the book studies Tamil women combatants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE), an armed resistance group which is identified as one of the deadliest terrorist groups globally. Drawing on narrative life histories, the book canvasses three decades of ethno- nationalist war in Sri Lanka contributing to a major social change for Tamil women in Jaffna. It identifies the LTTE as providing an alt145 alternativealt39familial kinship founded upon friendship, which transcends caste and religion. The book reveals that the LTTE combatant womans paradoxical equality may differ from Western feminist notions of emancipation, but represents a profound change within its own patriarchal society. This original book presents the argument that engagement in armed conflict has transformed combatant womens understanding of themselves into female slayers of injustice and protectors of the Tamil nation, with a ( re) constructed gender identity and sense of empowerment.