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Bird- hit causes flight to stop on runway


Indore One hundred and twenty three passengers and crew on board a Raipur- bound Indigo flight had a narrow escape today after a bird- hit forced the aircraft to stop on the runway just before take- off at Devi Ahilyabai Airport here.

The 6- I- 252 flight was taxiing for take- off around 3.15 PM when it was hit by a bird, the airlines spokesman said, adding that all passengers and crew were safe. The pilot stopped the plane immediately and avoided a mishap. After the incident, the plane was examined by technical experts, he said. Arrangements were made for an alternative plane to fly the passengers to their destinations, he added.

A slaughter house near Indore Airport is believed to be the cause behind the incident and airport officials have requested civic authorities to close it down to avoid such cases in future, official sources said. PTI