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Babus do not agree with study


The bureaucrats having a clean career profile are quite annoyed over the survey conducted by a consultant company based in Hong Kong, branding Indian bureaucracy as the most corrupt one. The Babus, outrightly rejecting the survey, questioned its basis.

They maintain that the reports of such surveys are merely published to create sensation.

Chief secretary Avani Vaish said the agency conducting this survey must also tell the procedure it adopted. It is not proper to compare Singapore, China and India on the same parameters as these countries have different systems of governance.

According to Vaish, such surveys should be condemned on national fora.

Vaish is of the view that the officers in Indian system are doing their best to give results. Most of the officers work honestly.

Additional chief secretary, O P Rawat too does not consider such surveys as proper. He feels that the law and order in India, which is a democratic country, is being sustained by honest officers and coordination amongst various sections of the society. It is very easy to call anyone corrupt but India is a country where action is taken in corruption cases. Principal secretary, revenue, Manoj Shrivastava, also consider such surveys far from reality.

Shrivastava is of the opinion that it is not clear as how many samples were taken for the survey, besides the methodology used. Shrivastava is of the view that several foreign companies, publish survey results on the basis of their perception and not on the basis of reality. There are several bureaucrats who have termed the report of the said survey detrimental to the morale of honest officers.

An officer of additional chief secretary level, on the condition of anonymity, admitted that there is lot of corruption in India but efforts are also being made to check it.

This officer also submitted that when foreigners talk of Indian bureaucracy, they include political leaders in it and in the real sense, it is the peoples representatives who are on drivers seat. That is why suggestions for reform of the system should also be included in such surveys.