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Artistes display different skills at ‘Dhol-Nad’ programme


Ujjain : Kala Chaupal Sanstha and Union ministry of cultural jointly organised ‘Dhol-Nad’ programme at Kalidas Academy on Friday. Vishal Singh Kushwah selected a theme for this programme and invited dhol players from across the country to present their skills on a common platform.

Chief guest Prateek Sonwalkar, Inder Singh Bais and Sharad Sharma addressed the programme. Maach artiste Champalal explained the gathering about the Maach theatre.

Kushwah pointed out that this programme is unique in many ways as it shows the diverse culture and taste of music across the nation. One can see the use of single instrument for originating different sounds and music for almost every occasion whether it is religious, marriage or something else. Dhol represents the asthetic taste of music of Indians as well.

Several artistes from diverse cultural backgrounds presented performances in the programme. Artiste Vishwanath Jal, Naresh Kumar and Swagat Deep from Orissa presented traditional music Talo Nachaliya and Sambalpuri Karwa. Manoj Bolaliya from Ahmedabad presented Garba, Hich and Mumbaiya Uladiya on Dhol. Artiste Deepak from Gujarat played Bangada, Mataki, Luddi and Sammi Theka. Pappu Pagariya from Indore played Multani Indori Theka which was praised by the audience. At the end, all the artistes presented collective performance in which taal eight matra and taal six matra were presented in their own traditional styles by every artistes. Girijesh Vyas conducted the programme.